Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Club Two-Oh

I'm in!
Classroom visits are, without a doubt, one of the key responsibilities of a school site administrator. Why, then, is it that we make them so infrequently?
Yeah, it's easy to say, "Oh, I had to do [trivial BS-du-jour], and didn't have time!" but let's face it: if you're not in classrooms, you're not doing your job. Simple as that.
I'm as guilty as any other busy AP of relegating this critical, but easily postponed, aspect of my job to the bottom of my to-do list, but no longer. I am, here before God and the Blogosphere, committing myself to visiting 20 classrooms per week, thanks to Scott Elias' example.
I'll post updates here and via Tweets as the school year progresses. I make no promises of success, but certainly promise to try!

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The Bus Driver said...

well, thought i'd drop a line as in one of your other blogs you said to drop a line. hope your new year is going well!! ours just started, and i started looking at all the blogs i had favorited over the summer. yep yours was one of them :) looking forward to seeing more!!