Wednesday, November 09, 2005


They sucked it out of me today.

I started the day full of energy and excitement. I was going to TEACH today!

I could have, too, if it wasn't for all the blankety-blank classroom management I had to do. I'm a friggin' fire fighter, not a teacher for cryin' out loud.

Man, I'm depressed.


Fred said...

I was, too, until I got nothing but honors and AP classes. There were days when I just about lost it with the classroom management stuff.

Lady Strathconn said...

If only, if only, parents, school boards, and politicians could understand this one perfect blog.

Bless you.

Polski3 said...

Can you play magician? Make some of the troublemakers DISAPPEAR! For what it's worth, student behavior jr. high where I 'teach' is going to hell in a littering, being assigned seating at lunch, not doing h.w., failing quizzes and tests, etc.... Administration crowing about the lack of discipline referrals under their new discipline plan.

Hang in there! We teachers ALL get this way (depressed). It will get better!