Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Quiz: are you stupid?

Ok, this isn't really a quiz, but rather a few observations I made on my drive home from work today. How many of these do you do?
Mr. C's Evidence of Stupidity
- (Men)You're over 2o years of age, yet you still wear your pants halfway down your ass
- You play your music so loud, or with the bass so high, that other drivers feel you coming before they see you coming. (If you do this in drive-thru lines, or in parking lots, you're also an asshole.)
-You really think a third party has a chance of winning a major election (Just kidding; it's not stupid, but it is naive)
-(Men again) You think the dancer in the "gentlemen's club" really is interested in you, not just your money.
-You think that yelling at service providers (waiters, clerks, etc) actually will improve the service you receive.

I know there's more. What do you think?


JHS Teacher said...

- blaming the teacher for your child's poor grade because she/he didn't notify you when junior didn't turn in his essay assignment.

- Drivers who drive in the emergency lane to get one car length ahead when two lanes merge into one.

- Mothers who allow their 13-year-old daughters to dress like hookers, and then say they want to allow their children "freedom of expression."

- Any man who thinks a "poet's patch" (that square inch of hair grown under the lower lip) is attractive.

Mr. C said...

Here's another one:
-leaving your cell phone on "loud ring" in a theater (answering it and holding a conversation while the performance is going on makes you a super-asshole).